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Husband Friendly Hospital



Husband Friendly Hospital program has been establish at Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital in June 7, 2002.  It is for a married couple who wish to be with their wives during labour.

The couples who are interested in this program have to booked the Frieny Husband Class through O&G clinic for the slot that will be held on Sunday &  Thursday. Couples who are selected will be given a brief talk at the Seminar Room 3 near Ward 14  at Cengal Block at 10.00 am.

You can contact the O & G Clinic HPSF for more information & reservation for slot Class Friends Husband.



  • To give moral support to his wife on labour
  • To enhance the image and quality of service in Labour Room.
  • To improve customer satisfaction in line with the corporate mission of the Ministry of Health.



  • Husband friendly class will be held  twice a week on every Sunday  and Thursday were held for a couple who wish to accompany their wives during labour.
  • For the husband who will accompany his wife in Labour Room, identification passes will be handed over to the nurse on duty when he leaves the Labour Room or have completed labour process.
  • Health clinic nearby were asked to inform  those couples who wish to participate in this program at the hospital Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital. For information, husband friendly class held in Sultanah Fatimah Specialise Hospital are only valid at this Hospital only.

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