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Anaesthesia and intensive care unit are located on the first floor of diagnostic building of Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar.

The department began to operate in this new location on September 5, 1999. The operation theatre Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, Muar features the following amenities:

    * 4 theaters.
    * 3 beds for receiving pre-operation.
    * 7 post-operations beds.
    * Amenities such as sterile store, room preparation, induction room, cleaning room and anesthetic store.
* Staff room, seminar rooms and offices for the Head of Department and Head of Unit.

Intensive care unit have 8 beds in general and 1 bed for isolation cases.

The department also carrying out minor surgery old operation theatre at the old building which has 2 rooms 2 beds, surgical and post-surgical care.

In addition, there was an operating room that was renovated to make room for endoscopy in the clinic that operates during normal office hours and for emergency endoscopy and brochoscopy procedures.

High Dependency Ward at Cengal block has 14 beds was inaugurated on 13th October 2003. This ward provides intensive care to the patient in semi-critical condition.

These unit is under the supervision of a 1 sister, 19 staff nurses, 1 Assistant Medical Officer and 8 Attendant



Department of Anesthesiology provides surgical and anaesthesia services to customers and it serves as a department that emphasizes towards the quality of modern services of surgical and anesthesia services.

The main mission of the department are:

    * We strive to improve the status of surgery and anaesthesia, safety and patient rights are protected and their needs are met

    * Provides anaesthesia services so that surgery can be carried out with the risk of pain and complications are minimal.

    * We encourage all members and officers to be exposed to the latest knowledge and modern technology by attending courses, lectures, seminars and workshops to produce an excellent work force.

    * We emphasize that all members and medical personnel work together as a team.

    * Each member and medical officer responsible for maintaining high standards and results achieved without compromising patient care at lower cost.



To create anaesthesiology expertise service and care that emphasize on caring, team work and professionalism to meet customer satisfaction .



    * To ensure that every patient who will undergo the procedure / surgery is given safe and effective anaesthesia
    * To provide intensive care to terminally ill patients in intensive care unit
    * To reduce the incidence of complications after surgery

Client Charter

Client Charter
We promise:

   1. To inform the estimated time of surgery to the close relative.
   2. To provide safe care to patients during surgery
   3. Maintain patient confidentiality and Honor
   4. Provide friendly service and always helping beneficiaries
   5. Handling customer complaints within 24 hours



Department of Anesthesiology at the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, Muar provide the following services:

    * Anaesthetic

             a) Provide Anaesthetic to patients from many disciplines in the hospital is in need of surgery either by choice or emergency.
             b) Provide 24 hour service for emergency cases.
             c) To review and careful evaluation of patients prior to surgery.

    * Intensive Care Unit

             This unit provides intensive care for critical patients who require continuous care. This unit is equipped with the expertise and trained personnel together with up to date equipment. Currently It operates with six beds. Due to the limited number of beds, patient's admission to the unit is based on priority .

    * Acute Pain Service

            This service provides treatment to patients who experience pain after surgery or injury. Pain can be treated more effectively by using techniques such as Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA), Epidural Analgesia, Intrathecal Analgesia, Nerve plexus block, Parenteral Analgesia.

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