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Department of Dermatology is located at the main building of Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, Muar next to the Psychiatric Clinic.
Dr. Noreen Bt Md Arus is the Medical Officer in charge of Dermatology Clinic and a specialist visit from Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru is scheduled once a month.
Position No of Staff
Specialist UD 54 0
Specialist UD 48 1 (visiting)
Medical Officer UD48 2
Medical Assistant U32 0
Medical Assistant U29 1
Staff Nurse (U32) 1
Staff Nurse (U29) 0
Community Nurse (U19) 2
Health Care Assistant 1
Adminisration Clerk 1


To provide high quality dermatology treatment services with efficiency, and effective to outpatients and inpatients.


To reduce the pain and distress of social / cosmetic and lost of  productivity associated with skin diseases, leprosy and sexually transmitted diseases.


To decrease pain or distress social / cosmetics, morbidity and mortality and loss associated with the patient's skin produktivity, leprosy and sexually transmitted diseases.
To reduce the incidence of leprosy and skin diseases through:
    a) Health education and advice to patients
    b) To inform health officials concerned with the legal cases which need to be informed.

Client Charter

Client Charter
We promise to provide quality professional services, safe, friendly and caring.
a) The dermatology specialist clinics will be set by appointment and / or based on patient's condition.
b) Information regarding disease and treatment will be provided to customers.
c) Patients confidentiality of personal information, disease and care given to the patient is secured.
d) To provieds a clean, comfortable and safe environment.


1.1 Treatment of skin diseases, sex, leprosy and counseling.
1.2 Treatment 'Day Care': excision, biopsy, cryotherapy, electrocautery, intralesion injection.
1.3 Continuous Learning (CME): 'In-house training and organizing courses for members and health clinics.
Basic Services
a) It functions as specialist clinic and provide treatment for dermatology cases, sexually transmitted disease and leprosy to all with specific appointment system  for its patient except for emergency cases.
b) Patient will be discharged and charged in accordance with the circular Fees Order 1982 
c) Patient Records /cards will be prepared the day before appointment.
d) Patients Confidentiality is promised.
e) 'Minor procedures will be carried out in a treatment / minor surgery room.
f) Examination of female patients by male doctors will be accompanied by a female staff.
g) 'Walk - in'- clinic for patient sex (sexual transmitted infection)
h) Green lane is for the elderly (70) years of age, babies and emergency cases
i) Inpatient treatment for serious case.
j) It will also refer all other dermatology cases to other treatment unit such as medical and surgery unit based on requirement. i.e from HPSF to HSA Johor Bahru. For cancer cases, it will be referrred to special unit i.e Plastic surgery unit or oncology unit
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telephone black 06-9564000

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