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The department has been established since the incorporation of Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah. Currently, the department has grow, and to cater for the increasing amount of patients, the department has also increased the number of speacialist, medical officer and other staff.

The department also has other units under its supervision which is chest clinic and haemodialysis unit.

Haemodialysis Unit

The unit has commenced its operations on 23/12/1994. It is led by a Nephrology Consultant. Services
carried out are: -
• regular and acute hemodialysis treatment.
• Follow-up CAPD and kidney transplantation.
• Cases that are referred from clinics, wards and other hospitals.

Chest Clinic

Chest Clinic was established at the Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah in early 1969. During that period of time, it is located at the Haemodialysis Unit. In 1999, the clinic moved to Semarak Building, and it is located next to the Farmasi Klinik Pakar.
• At this time, all TB patients are admitted in a ward with other patients, but placed on the back or at "isolation cubical."
• The clinic provides services to new patients, follow-up and referrals from health clinics and district hospitals from Muar and Tangkak.
• In addition to the number of TB cases, chest clinic has grown by initiating the Smoking Cessation Clinic in 2000, Asthma Education Program (June 2005) and "Lung Function Test" (October 2005).


• We constantly strive to improve the knowledge and skills, and emphasize on the quality of services and treatments based on the corporate values of caring, teamworks and professionalism.
• We continue to cooperate with customers and family members in promoting the health, by stressing the aspects of prevention, and rehabilitation.
• We strive to provide quality health services so that meet customers satisfaction.



To create a medical specialist services and treatments that includes caring, professional team working for customer satisfaction.




• To provide treatment to patients who have complex problems that can’t be treated in at outpatients clinic and polyclinic.
• To stabilize patient's condition through a rigorous treatment to reduce pain and distress due to illness.
• Reduce the possibility of death at term.
• Reduce the result of complications of untreated disease

Client Charter

Client Charter

Medical Clinic

1. 80% of clients examined by a Medical Officer within 90 minutes.
2. 20% of patients examined by medical officers within 120 minutes
3. Waiting area are clean, safe and comfortable.
4. To handle customer complaints within 24 hours.


Medical Clinic
Scope of services:
- Diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases
- Stress test
- Test echocardiogram
- Health education in the case of diabetes, hypertension and asthma
- Counseling
Chest Clinic
Scope of services
1. Treatment of TB patients
2. Counseling services, advice and health education
3. Detection of TB disease of the patient's family and the patient anesthetized and reject treatment.
4. Mantoux injection
5. Smoking cessation counseling clinic
Haemodialysis Satellite Unit
Scope of services:
1. Hemodialysis
2. Providing equipment for home dialysis and CAPD
3. Coordinate patient for kidney transplantation (before and after)
4. ICU5 acute dialysis.
5. Nephrology Specialist
Medical Ward (2,7,8,9,10,11,18)
Scope of services
1. Medical treatment of patients in
2. Daily treatment for cases of Thalassemia
3. Outpatient anticoagulant treatment (by appointment)
4. Treatment for cases of COAD, Cardiac, Stroke and Asthma.



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