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Orthopedic services started at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, since 1980s. Before, it is only a visit by specialist every month. Subsequently, in 1995 the department was merged with the department of surgery.

By 1998, the department separated from the Department of Surgery.

The department of Orthopaedic provides care to patients of all ages. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road and added roads and highways, the accident rate indirectly also increases.
The increasing number in the manufacturing sector, especially the furniture industry in Muar district, also contributed to the accident at work hence the number of patients.

The scope of treatment is primarily treatment of trauma (fracture) as well as general orthopaedic cases. Currently, the increasing number of patient treated in this department making it always active and busy. With the developments of orthopaedic care and also traumatology, also contributed to the increasing number of patients.
Department of Orthopaedics is lead by Dr Md Mujait Kasman (started work in January 2000) and assisted by Dr. Mohamad Razip Sirat (started work in June 2006). His expertise is in sports injury from South Korea.

Additionally, the physician in charge is Dr. Ahmad Riaz Fami an orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Moriffin Mahpis worked as a specialist sports treatment, while Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamid is a senior physician who is responsible for coordinating the senior team in HPSF wound care. ยท
Starting in 2015, there are two new services introduced, Wound Care Clinic and treatment of sports injuries.
Human Resource in Clinical Orthopaedics:
  • Assistant Medical Officer U32 -1
  • Assistant Medical Officer U32 (CTP) -1
  • Assistant Medical Officer U29 -2
  • Nurses U32 (CTP) -3
  • Community Nurse - 3
  • Health Care Assistants - 2
  • Administrative Assistant - 1
Human Resource in Orthopaedic Ward:
  • Head Nurse U32 - 6
  • Nurses U32 (CTP) - 2
  • Nurses U29 - 47


  • To provides services to patients of all ages, focusing on treatment or injuries related to the skeletal system and the catalyst organ.
  • We are tried to reduce the pain and complications so that it can be controlled right from the start to ensure maximum recovery.
  • We aim to provide quality services to enhance the characteristics of comfort of well-being. 
  • To give joy and satisfaction to the patient during the treatment process and recovery with the most optimal render quality service and professional
  • To provide services with full responsibility of each member plays an important role in making each of the Orthopaedic Department of the latest organization to rehabilitate injuries and limb abnormalities.


To create optimum specialized services with optimal care, including caring service and profesional teamwork for customer satisfaction


To ensure that patients suffering from diseases or injuries associated with skeletal and organ system activator get treatment for pain and complications and it can be controlled from the start and to ensure that the maximum recovery is reached

Client charter

Client Charter Orthopaedic Clinic
1. 90% Customer will examined by a medical officer in 90 minutes
2. 10% Customer examined by a medical officer within 120 minutes
3. Waiting room is always clean, safe and comfortable
4. To handle customer complaints within 24 hours




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