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Paediatric Department provides medical and surgical care for children from birth up to 12 years old



* To provide quality health services include physical, emotional and psychological status and regardless of races to all children under 12 years old.

* Prepare and conduct ongoing training programs and medical research to produce experienced, efficient, accurate and insightful members.

* Creating a harmonious, caring and friendly service for customer convenience.

* Involve parents in the care and health research for the purpose of 'client centered care'.

* Practice good communication between the member hospitals and health clinics aim.

* To provide continuity of care.

* Reduce the rate of death and disability among children



Establishing paediatric and neonatal specialty services and optimal care, treatment that emphasize professional, caring and teamwork, customer satisfaction.



* To reduce the mortality rates of infants and children.

* To restore optimal health and reduce the effects of long-term illness / morbidity in infants and children.

* To enable children who have chronic illnesses to grow to its full potential in terms of mental, physical and social.

* Involving parents in education and health care of infants and children.

Client Charter

Client Charter

Paediatric Clinic
 We promise to provide service in a professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality.
1. Paediatric Clinic Services will be set by appointment or based on patients condition.
2. Information regarding the disease and treatment will be given to customers .
3. Patients confidentiality such as personal information, disease and care provided to patients is guaranteed.

 4. A clean, comfortable and safe environment will be provided



1. Medical Pediatric (Ward 17)

2.Pediatric Surgery(Ward 15)
3.Neonatal Services (Ward SCN and NICU)
4.Daycare Ward (Ward 15)
5. Paediatric Specialist Clinic
6. Paediatric Paliative Care
7. Schools in Hospital (SDH)
8.Specialist Visit to  Hospital Tangkak
Ward 17 (Ward Medical Paediatric)
- Provides medical care for children from age 1 month to 12 years. The number of official beds: 28 beds
Ward 15 (Ward Paediatric Surgery)
- Provides medical and surgical care for children aged from 1 month to 12 years. It serves as a multidisciplinary hospital and receive medical patients, O & G, ENT, Surgical, Orthopedics and ophtalmology. The number of official beds: 28 beds
Daycare Ward
This ward located at Ward 15 and it provides treatment for patients who have to undergo daily treatments such as:
* A simple procedure such as bladder catheterization
* Provision of sedation drugs before undergoing radiological examinations
* Transfusion of blood for thalassemia patients
* Giving chemotherapy drugs
The number of official beds are: 4 bed
Pediatric Palliative Care Unit
This unit was established in 2013. It provides treatments for children with "life-limiting diseases." 
Services provided include:
* Consultative services in wards
* Palliative outpatient clinic
* Palliative Day Care
* Counselling Service "bereavement"
* Home visits
SCN/NICU Ward (neonatal)
This ward provides medical care to newbord babies until the age of 1 month.
The number of official beds is 44 beds including 8 beds for cases requiring intensive care.
Paediatric Clinic
The clinic provides outpatient treatment for children aged below 12 years old. Apart from providing follow-up care, it also accept referrals from clinics and hospitals around Muar. We also run special clinics such as: Echocardiogaram clinic, Slow Learner clinic, and clinic for "Multidisciplinary Cerebral Palsy" and it also provides sub-specialty clinics which run by experts from other hospitals such as: -
* Pediatric Neurology (5 times a year)
* Pediatric Respiratory (3 times a year)
* Pediatric Infectious Disease (2 times a year)
* Endocrinologists (once a year)
* Expert Genetics (Once a year)
Health Promotion: -
1. Celebration World Thalassaemia Day & Thalassaemia Forum
2. World Prematurity Day Celebration
3. Kids Asthma Education Programme
4. Baby-Friendly


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