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The Psychiatry Department of Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital was established in 1996. Before 1990 it functioned as a Psychiatry Unit with only outpatient services.


The department is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist, two Psychiatrists, one Clinical Psychiatrist, 11 Medical Officers and one Counselor. Other Supporting Staffs include Nursing Sister, Assistant Medical Officer, Staff Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Community Nurse and Health Care Assistant with a total of 56 people.


The Department's services consist of an outpatient Psychiatrist Clinic located in the Polyclinic Building next to the Dermatology Clinic. Inpatient services are located in the Old Building of Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, whereas the Community Psychiatry Unit is located in the old supervisor's office building of the Hospital in Jalan Salleh.


The project to upgrade the building of the male ward was implemented in March 2018 and fully completed in June 2018. The project has provided comfort to patients for leisure activities, a spacious pantry, dining room and an open Dom B. Dewan Maharani was established for the Department's activities such as meeting places, festival celebrations and other celebrations.


The six main units of this Department are as follows:


1. Psychiatric Specialist Clinic

2. Ward (Ward I: Male & Ward 1: Female)

3. Occupational Therapy

4. Psychiatric Community Unit

5. Counseling

6. Mental Health Psychosocial Support Service


Facilities provided by the Department:


1. Patient waiting area in the clinic

2. Reading corner for patients





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Serving members


Management & Professional


Consultant Psychiatrist Jusa C = 1 person

Psychiatrist UD56 = 2 people

Psychiatrist UD48 = 1 person

Medical Officer UD52/54 = 2 people

Medical Officer UD44/48 = 9 people

Psychological Officer S41 = 1 person


Head of Department: Dr Ahmad Zabidin

Nursing Sister: KJ Rosrena Samsudin

Supervisor: Mr. Mohd Hisam Jumaat





In line with Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah mission in ensuring complete health care and quality services are given to psychiatric patients. It also involves activities and good mental health education, disease prevention, proper treatment, patient rehabilitation and integration into the community.



To provide complete mental health care and services and comprehensive quality improvement so that patients can enjoy a quality life and be accepted by society



   1. Provide optimal psychiatric medical care to all patients in need

    2. Provide a comfortable and safe environment for staff and customers.

    3. Provide psychiatric and mental health training and education to staff, patients and the       community

    4. Encourage staff involvement in research and quality improvement programs.


Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

   1. All patients will be examined by medical officers in the following:

* 90% within 1 hour
    * 10% within 2 hours
    * Immediately to the case of an emergency

2. All patients examined by a psychiatric specialist at least once while in the ward.
         3. Communicate information to patients/ beneficiaries clearly and accurately and maintain their   confidentiality.

       4. Maintain the hygiene of patients who are incapable of taking care of themselves.

       5. Provide a clean and safe environment.

       6. Handle customer complaints within 24 hours.



Specialist Clinic / Outpatient Treatment: The Psychiatric Specialist Clinic operates thrice per week from Monday to Wednesday. Patients who are referred/who are present on the day of the clinic are given effective and comprehensive treatment.


Inpatient Treatment

Patients with mental disorders either acute or chronic, requiring intensive care will be admitted to the ward voluntarily or with a doctor’s instructions. Admission procedures are subject to the Mental Health Act 2001 through a form that can be downloaded:

The patient will be re-examined twice daily by a Medical Officer. The use of medications on patients has proven to be effective in addition to other treatments as follows:

1. ADL (activity daily living) activities and occupational therapy are conducted by ward staff and Occupational Therapists.

2. Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) is performed on patients requiring the therapy.


Treatment in the Community

Regular home visits are conducted by the Community Psychiatry Unit, where staff uses in-home and community patient methods to provide home care, professional support and empower families as well as the community. Treatment in this community is performed on chronic patients who drop out of follow-up treatment possibly due to lack of awareness of the disease or lack of family support.

Occupational Therapy Services

1. ADL (activity of daily living): teaching patients to perform daily activities such as bathing, eating, cleaning and cooking.

2. PSYCHOEDUCATION: involves group therapy to provide exposure to psychiatric illness and treatment.

3. LEISURE: recreational activities inside and outside the ward

4. JOB PLACEMENT: provide job placement to stable psychiatric patients in workshops and open markets.

Services in the Counseling Unit

1. Provide effective counselling and mental health care services

2. Increase public awareness of the importance of mental health in daily life.


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