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Dietetic & Food



The department began operations in 1918 in conjunction with patient services at the hospital. In 1976, the operation moved to nearby Food block near to Forensic Unit before moving to its present building on September 15, 2003.

Dietetic Service was started in 1996 with the establishment of an Dietetics Officer.

The main function of this department is to provide meals to patients in the ward as well as providing therapeutic care and nutrition consultation.

In addition, the department also provides food coupons to On Cal Doctor '(active) and supply night rations to the officer (depends on th qualification)

The department led by a senior Dietetics U52 as head of the department and members of the department inclusive odf Dietitian, Assistant Food Preparation , Assistant Hostel Supervisor and Cook (permanent and part-time), all of which amounted to 39 people.

Location: Building adjacent to the pharmacy and Angsana Block (block wards and Orthopaedic Surgery)



* To provide the best dietetic and serving services to the customer

* Adopting caring, team work and professionalism attitude in the delivering services .

* Emphasize in cost effectiveness without compromising nutritional needs of customers by ensuring optimum utilization of resources and adopting innovative approaches.

* Protect the welfare of members and creating an environment that is safe and comfortable

* Provide training and skills in Dietetic and cereal and human development



To create a department that excels in Dietetics and Food Service

Client Charter

Client Charter

* Dietetic Service

We promise:

To serve dietetic services to patients referred by a physician / medical officer based on need and appropriateness as followed:

* Out-Patient: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.00 am to 12.30 pm excluding public holidays) at the Clinic Diet, HPSF.

* Inpatient:

i. Critical cases - patients seen within 24 hours after the referral is received

ii. Cases Not Critical - patients seen within 48 hours after the referral is received

* Food Service

We promise:

1. To provide adequate meals to be taken by the customer right in time as follows:

* Breakfast: 7:00 am

* Lunch: 12.00 noon

* Drink afternoon: 3.00 pm

* Dinner: 6:00 pm

2. Ration supplies dinner (night ration) to the night staff members in accordance with the eligibility requirements.



 Dietetic services: advisory services, therapeutic nutrition and diet 'Nutrition support' to the inpatient and outpatient.

 Meal services: providing food to patients in the ward according to the type and amount ordered by the ward



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