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Medical Social Welfare



Medical Social Welfare Service is one of support services in government hospitals, which aims to help patients who have problems in terms of socio-medical. This service have been introduce in Malaysia since 1952.

In the initial stage, the services provids financial assistance to patients who need them. From time to time, the contribution of these services becomes more important and more challenging in tandem with the modernization and current social problems are brought together by the development in moving towards a developed nation to be more self-confident in the ability to fight disease and live a new life that contribute to the development odf individual, community and country.

The main role of this department is to provide services to coordinate and manage the problem of psycho-social and socio-economic as well as the patient's point of contact or referral for patient, family or relative.



To establish high quality and effective medical social services to all customers.



    * To implement a comprehensive and integrated social service.
    * To organize and coordinate social problems.
    * To provide assistance and social services through support for therapy, practical help and general assistance.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

1. To handle law related cases and police cases within 24 hours (weekdays). If employees is on leave, the action will be taken by the Protection Officer from the Welfare Department.

2. To take action against cases referred to within 3 working days.

3. To take action on referrals from other agencies within 5 working days.

4. Maintaining the patient information confidentiality.

5. Handling customer complaints within 24 hours.



 1. Practical & Financial Aid

* Socio-economic Assessment

* Special Education / Training / Disable Case Registration

 * Discharge Planning / Heir Trace

 * Home Visit

 * Institutional Placement

 * Child Care / Adoption

 * Transport fare

 * Synthetic Tools / Medical Equipment

 * Others

 2. Psycho-Social Support

 * Chronic Patient Care / Palliative

 * Suicide attempt

 * Disputes / Domestic Violence

 * Mother Without Marriage

 * Victims of Rape

 * Child Abuse

 * Behavior Problems

 * Case Disabled / Handicapped

 * Positive HIV / AIDS

 * Illegal Immigrants (Immigrants)

 * Protection of Women / Girls

 * Others

 Special Services

 Medical Social Work Department is also involved as a coordinator or a reference to: -

 * a. Social Support Therapy

 * b. Practical or Financial Assistance


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