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The department of Pathology in Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah is a department that run laboratory diagnostic tests to support clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients.
It also plays a role in supplying neeeds, and an adequate and safe blood to the clinical departments to fulfil patients need.

Pathology department has undergone many changes in the physical, functional and its service since its establishment in year 1900. Before, the laboratory was originally located near the children's ward of the old building and then moved to the top floor of Building Clinic (1978) before moving to a new building in 1999.

The department has been categorized as the Secondary Extended Laboratory (Level III). As such, it not only provides need for this hospital but also as a reference laboratory for the Northern Zone of Johor. Besides, it also offers facility for the nearby district hospital such as Hospital Tangkak, Hospital Segamat, Hospital Batu Pahat and local health clinics and private clinics, especially for tests of Histopathology, Cytopathology, Microbiology and further tests Bio-chemical.

The department is also appointed as one of the National Screening Center for Anti-HIV tests and anti-HCV since 1986.
However, from September 2004, all blood donor screening process have been sent to the Regional Screening Center in Malacca due to the Standardized National Blood Screening Test.



To provide optimal, comprehensive and effective laboratory services which covers diagnostic, treatment and prevention.



To give the best pathology services that emphasize caring and professional team work for the meet customer need.



    * Provides diagnostic laboratory services and consultancy in the disciplines of Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Microbiology, Pathology Anatomy and Medical Transfusion.

    * Provide consultation to specialists and medical officer and also provides feedback to the Ministry of Health in terms of the development of pathology services.

    * Provide training and continuing education to members, trainees, students and others for the purpose of development of knowledge and skills.

    * Obtain a safe and sufficient blood for the needs of patients.

    * Ensure bloods are safe for patient care and in compliance with screening procedures and storage.

    * Ensure the use of blood and components are correct.

    * Plan, implement and assist in the development of research and development in the field of clinical pathology and other related fields.

    * Provides reference services to other hospitals.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

   1. To provides clean and comfortable counters.
   2. Convey accurate information to customer.
   3. Main Counter Unit

    * Ensure that all tests completed within the following:

Blood sampling

 60 minutes

Fasting Blood Sugar

 60 minutes

Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (After the second blood sample is taken)

 60 minutes

Prothrombin test

60 minutes

Urine pregnancy test

30 minutes

Full urine pregnancy test

60 minutes

Blood Count

60 minutes

Urine FEME

60 minutes

   4. NAC clinic : Ensure FNAC procedures are carried out within 60 minutes for each patient.

   5. Blood Bank Unit

       5.1 Ensure that the blood donation process can be completed in 45 minutes.

       5.2 To ensure that donors be informed on a confidential basis within 14 days if the results of screening "reactive" and given a follow-up services.

  6. Handle customers complaint within 24 hours.



Services provided by the Department of Pathology is to carry out accurate and reliable laboratory diagnostic tests, providing and supplying blood and ensure blood components are safe.
These services can be classified to a particular lab section,
They are:

          2.1.1 Chemical Pathology (biochemistry).
          2.1.2 Microbiology (Microbiology)
          2.1.3 Haematology (Haematology)
          2.1.4 Anatomical Pathology (Histopathology / cytology)
          2.1.5 Transfusion Medicine (Blood Banking)

Department of Pathology has established a new unit of the counter-based Department of Pathology. The counter function is to receive a specimen and test all units through Pigeon Hole. These counter is also receive inquiries about the services of the Department of Pathology. It began operations on 1 September 2009 and the department has been using "Access Card" at the Main Gate aimed at the pathology department safety.


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