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Department of Pharmacy, Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital, Muar provides support services to all units in the hospital.

This department is led by a Chief Pharmacist with 44 pharmacist and 33 other support personnel of various categories, such as Assistant Pharmacist, Assistant Administrative Officer, Administrative Assistant, Assistant Care Worker and Public Health.



1. To provide the best health care services to the community with an emphasis on customer-oriented services.

 2. Ensuring the rights of clients are protected

 3. Respect for human dignity

 4. Adopting work ethics that emphasizes effective communication, a friendly professional service and teamwork.

 5. Emphasize on cost effectiveness without compromising customer care to ensure optimum use of resources and adopt innovative approaches in the treatment process.

 6. Protect the welfare of members and creating an environment that is safe and comfortable.

 7. In line with the mission of making Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah as learning organization, it also provides training and expertise



To create an ideal institution that will become a landmark in health service and human excellence.



The department has two main objectives:

1. Ensure all patients receive medical supplies and services in terms of quantity, quality, safe and appropriate medications, and compliance with the concept of pharmaceutical care and customer satisfaction.

2. Ensuring the supply of medicines and equipment available and accessible, high quality and safe to use and supplied to the consumer units within the set out in the Client Charter.

Client Charter

Client Charter

 We promise:

 1. To supply of medicine within this time frame:

    * 90% of patients receiving medical supplies within 30 minutes.

    * 10% of patients received a supply of drugs within 30-60 minutes. (Explanation will be given if it is not feasible)

2. Supply of quality medicine, and ensure sufficient quantities.

3. Provide a clear explanation on medicine taken.



The services available are as follows:

* Pharmacy Specialist

* Adherence Counselling Clinic

* Pharmacy Ward Supply

* Pharmacy Satellites

* Ward Pharmacy (Clinical)

* Parenteral Nutrition

* Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution

* Clinical Pharmacokinetics

* Pharmaceutical Production

* Procurement & Supply

* Drug Information

* Service 24 hours

* Methadone Clinic Services

* AADK (* new)

New Services

Porter system in Medicine Store and Pharmacy Supply Store began in April 2009. This system covers delivery goods/medications that have been send out from the Medicine Store & Pharmacy Supply Store to consumer unit.

Orders that have been made will be sent to the relevant ward by the staff (PRA) on duty. However, due to shortage of staff, this service is only available to the medical wards only. One of the future planning is to extend this service to all customers.

Methadone Replacement Therapy is a drug treatment programs for Heroin and Morphine addict. It is another step taken by the MOH in the 'Harm Reduction'. Methadone is a synthetic opiod receptor that react with μ receptor same as another opiod. It has the same effect as other opiod but has less euphoria and lower addictive effect.

HIV Clinic/ AIDS MTAC operates once in 2 months on Thursday from 9.00 am until 1.00 pm. A pharmacist will be on assign to counsell and assessing patient's understanding and compliance.

The objective of this service is to help Medical Officer to ensure HAART therapy (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) is a safe and optimal, and to provide education/counseling to patients on HAART.



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