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Therapist Rehabilitation Unit



Therapist Rehabilitation Unit was established at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah in 1998. Initial service was started in 1997 under the supervision of the Department of Psychiatry. The existence of this unit has strengthened its clinical support services available.



Providing effective treatment and how to work on a comprehensive physical and mental condition with the aim of restoring the functionality of the patient to an optimal level of daily activity, work, school and community.



To establish optimal rehabilitation services which includes caring services and professional teamwork for customer satisfaction.



To provide occupational therapy treatment using selected therapeutic activities for orthopaedic, paediatrics, surgery, medical, psychiatric cases and etc. with the aim of achieving optimal level of functioning in daily activities / self-care, work, school and community.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

 1 . To provide treatment to clients in the following:
      * 90% within 60 minutes
      * 10% within 90 minutes

2. Provide a clean and safe treatment.
3. Providing an efficient and friendly service.
4. Handling customer complaints within 24 hours.




Services provided 

    * Fabrication & orthotics splint and pressure garment.
    * Hand Therapy functionality.

    * Therapy ADL functioning
    * Stimulation of growth of children.
    * Rehabilitation for "child psychiatric" including cases of autism, ADHD, dyslexia.
    * Monofilament test for diabetic foot & limb and carpel tunnel syndrome

    * Evaluation of pre-drive to get driving license
    * Occupational therapy functional / work hardening / work conditioning & rehabilitation
* Stroke Rehabilitation

    * Sensory integration therapy
    * School-based occupational therapy

Psychiatry Division
    * Job placement
    * Social skills training
    * Psycho education
    * Community psychiatric rehabilitation / home visit
    * Job placement "/ job placement for psychiatric patients to help improve the patient's income-generating opportunities and permanent job.

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Contact Us

mail Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Jln Salleh, 84000 Muar

telephone black 06-9564000

homepano faxicon lrg 06-9526003

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