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ICT Unit was established in 2009 and it comprises 4 staff. It was established to support the management and administration of the hospital.

The location is on the ground floor main building opposite to Scope Room.



* To develop human capital in terms of ICT knowledge.

* To become an organization that applies open source software.

* To makes information sharing as a core ICT in HPSF.



* To make HPSF as a helm in ICT utilization among non-ICT hospital.

* To increase the number of ICT literacy in HPSF staff.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

1. To resolve 90% of hardware and software faulty report within 5 working days from the date the complaint in cases not involving the procurement of spare parts.

2. To perform regular maintenance two times a year for computer software.

3. To implement 90% of training planned to Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah staff.



There are four major services performed by the ICT Unit. Among them are as follows:


It covers all ICT equipment in HPSF. Activities involved in the maintenance are, update latest antivirus pattern, update the operating system, ensure that ICT equipment is in good condition and can be used to optimum.

Here is the number of ICT equipment available in HPSF.

- 116 computer

- 92 printers

- 5 server

- 12 laptop

- 37 switches

Networking - There are four computers in the network HPSF. It is a network of EG net, Mohnet, streamyx and LAN network.

Technical Assistance – ICT Unit in HPSF has been alerted by the JKNJ to provide technical assistance to

- Muar District Health Office

- Dental Office Muar

- Bandar Maharani • Health Clinic

- Dental Clinic (HPSF)

- Dental Clinic –Maharani

- Dental Clinic - Parti Jawa

- Dental Clinic –Sungai Mati

- Dental - Tangkak

Systems – ICT Unit is also a system administrator for the HRMIS, enia-KPI, e-complaints and mohcube.

Coordinating the PA system, LCD projector & take pictures and video

In December 2009, the ICT Unit has been offering services as a technical committee in managing the PA system, LCD projector and photo & video of the activities carried out by HPSF.

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mail Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Jln Salleh, 84000 Muar

telephone black 06-9564000

homepano faxicon lrg 06-9526003

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