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Administration Unit

This unit is responsible for managing and monitoring the hospital administration and management matters and also coordinate the departments and units under the administration of the hospital. Other responsibilities are including by become the secretariat of the Management Committee and Safety Office. Apart from that, it also act as secretariat of the management meetings, Morning Meeting and Joint Council Meeting of the Department.

Human Resources Unit

This unit is responsible for managing the service including the creation and filling of posts, new appointments, confirmation of appointment, confirmation, pension matters, transfer, promotion, training courses, evaluation of efficiency and other related matters as directed from time to time.

Finance Unit

Finance Unit is a unit under the management of Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah is responsible for implementing financial management of the hospital efficiently and prudent.

Among the main functions of this unit is to manage the annual budget, implementing government procurement, payment of salaries and allowances and payments to suppliers. Besides, this unit is also responsible for preparing financial reports and financial committee meeting and the organization accounts.

All financial activities are conducted according to rules, procedures and financial procedures issued by federal agencies. Among them are: -

• Treasury Instruction (AP). v Treasury Circular. v Treasury Directive Letters.

• Treasury Circular Letters.

• Service Circular.

• Service Circular Letter.

• Procurement processes and payments made by the Finance Unit are regulated by the Ministry of Finance, through its agency, the Department of Accountant General of Malaysia Johor branch.

Electronic Accounting System

ESPKB accounting system (Systems Planning and Expenditure Control) is fully utilized since 2005 to ensure that expenditure can be monitored from time to time and the next spending plan can be made without exceeding the provisions granted.

Revenue Unit

This unit is under the management supervision, and its role is to manage the government's revenue collection from various sources, such as in-patient, outpatient, rental of buildings, land, payment of medical reports and pebagai authorized payment.

Check in counter placed under the administrative unit where its function as admitted patient registration and to make revenue collection, and deposit collection after office hours and public holidays. Other assignments are inclusive of key storage since its operated for 24 hours.



The management objective is to ensure that all policies and programs of the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the Johor State Health Department in connection with the administration, human resource management, financial management and training carried out efficiently and effectively.

 Strategy Division

 The strategy adopted by the management to achieve the objectives of the department are:

 Ensure that the administrative machinery has always function efficiently and effectively.

 Encourage all members to work as a team.

 Ensure that financial resources are always used efficiently and effectively.

 Ensure that all employees are constantly updating their knowledge and skills.

Client Charter

We promise:

 1. Ensure letters / circulars distributed in the period:

 * 24 hours for the administrative unit and the letters for immediate action

 * 2 working days to other units

 2. Ensure that all applications for registration of new files executed on the same day.


 * Process and certify to the parties concerned, all relevant urusabn service members (confirmation of appointment, confirmation, a certificate to the pension office, the movement of wages, housing, holidays in the service, the exchange and the declaration of assets) within 7 days after submitting or before the time set for a transaction ends.

 * Process and submit applications for promotion for those who qualify, posbasik, in-service training at least 3 days before the closing date.

 * Ensure complete documentation of the retirement business of received and sent to the parties concerned within 2 years prior to retiring members (the first stage of the document) and no less than three months before retirement (the second stage of the document).


 * All travel claims EKLWBB / ELM will be processed within 14 days of receipt of completed claim forms if there is no system disruption.

 * Salaries of new appointments will be processed within 7 days after receipt of complete documents

 * However, the direction of the Accountant General should be followed Johor Branch

 * Handle customer complaints within 24 hours




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