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Medical Record



In 2009 the Medical Records Department has continued its role as a support service in HPSF, Muar.

Unit Aims

In 2009, the unit aims was to continue the renovation work for records order in accordance with Modified Terminal Digit Filing system (MTDFS) and lists the records of previous patients in the current One to One Patient Folder in stages, assisted by staff time. Implementation of these activities will continue in the years 2010.



* To provide the best service medical records to the public with an emphasis on customer-oriented service

* Ensure the rights of clients are protected, met and respect for human dignity

* To create an ideal system to ensure that medical records are kept and stored in a safe and orderly

* Adopt and practice work culture that emphasizes effective communication, professional service is rapid, accurate, efficient and friendly service and teamwork.

* Keeping the welfare of members and creating an environment and atmosphere that is safe and comfortable.



To create an optimal service by including a caring society, a professional team for customer satisfaction.



* To keep medical records, reports and statistics safely, orderly and effective.

* To provide the best medical records service, quality and effective service to customers by ensuring the rights of clients are protected, filled with human dignity and respect.

* To improve the quality of medical record-keeping system so that it can be detected accurately and quickly in the interests of customers.

* To providing hospital statistics accurately, fast and effective.

* We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our services to meet customers' needs and requirements.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise

1. Each customer will be given efficient and accurate service in a comfortable, friendly and courteous.

2. Convey accurate information to customers and maintain their confidentiality.

3. Ensure the application of Medical Report completed in a minimum period of 30 working days.



Medical Records

1. Medical Records Management

1.1. Control Creation Records

1.2. Safety Record

1.3. Recovery / Storage / Search

1.4. Assessment and Disposition.

2. Medico Legal

2.1. Medical Report

2.2. Medical Board

2.3. Insurance Claims

3. Data & Statistics

3.1. Data and Statistics Hospital

3.2. Receipt and Review and Coding BHT


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