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Revenue & Admission



Revenue unit is a unit under the management group, and its role is to manage the government's revenue collection from various sources, such as in-patient, outpatient, rental of buildings, land, payment of medical reports and other authorized payment.

The check in counter is placed under the administrative unit where its function for patient register and make revenue collection after office hours and public holidays and also the collection of deposits. Other functions are including key storage since its operated 24 hours daily.


The unit is located on the ground floor of the main building next to revenue Counter.

Opening Hours

Office hours: 8.00 am - 4.30 pm.

After office hours all transaction will be referred to the BDM (Check in counter).



Implement revenue collection in a professional manner according to the guidelines.



To increase the MOH revenue collection



To increase collections, reduce arrears and provide the best service to customers.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

1. Am 115 bills - 11/80 Pin will be delivered to patients in the ward within 3 minutes (from the time of receive patient records in the ward).

2. Kew.38 - Pin 2 / 86 to be delivered to the patient / payer within 1 minute (from the general revenue. 115 - Pin 11/80 of taxpayers).

3. Repayment of the deposit balance in cash to be delivered to the depositors in 5 minutes (in regards to sufficient petty cash funds) and complete original document.

4. Patients in class 3 ward who can't pay the bills, will be exempted full/partial from paying based on the approval after being interviewed by an officer in 10 minuters and a letter of support from Head of Village.

5. Handling customer complaints within 24 hours



1.Collect all proceeds from hospital treatment charges and specialist clinics.

2. Return the balance of the deposit for hospital treatment.

3. Provides payment services by credit and debit cards.

4. Provides (e-GL) for government employees

Visitor Counter


VCNT - Visitorcounter

Contact Us

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