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Department of Psychiatry was established in 1996. The department is lead by a consultant, six medical officers and a senior clinical Counsellor. Support staff are sisters, assistant medical officer, staff nurses, occupational therapist, nurse assistant, junior hospital assistant, and health care assistants and it consist of 55 people.

The department is comprised with Outpatient Clinic located in the building next to the Dermatology clinic, male and female wards, occupational therapy Unit and Community Unit is located at the Old Building Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah.

In March 2009, the upgrading for the men ward was executed under the government's budget and it cost RM165,000 and has completed
in June 2009. This project has given comfort to the patient by having a recreation room, pantry and spacious dining room and and Dorm B is also open. While Maharani Hall was set for the activities of the department as a meeting place, festive gatherings and other entertainment functions.

Listed below are the departments unit
   1. Ward (Ward I: Men & Ward 1: Women)
   2. Occupational and Rehabilitation Therapy
   3. Community Psychiatric Unit
   4. Counselling

Facilities provided by the Departments are
1. Patients in the clinic waiting area
2. Reading area for patient

Clinic Schedule

For more information about clinic schedule, click here

 Team Members :

  Management & Professional

    * Psychiatrist UD54 = 1 person
    * Psychiatrist UD48 = 1 person
    * Medical Officer UD 44 = 5 people
    * Medical Officer UD43 = 1 person
    * Officers of Psychology, S41 = 1

Head of Department: Dr Ibrahim
Sisters: 1. KJ Zubaidah Yunos



In line with Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah mission in ensuring complete health care and quality services are given to psychiatric patients. It also involves activities and good mental health education, disease prevention, proper treatment, patient rehabilitation and integration into the community.



Determining a comprehensive mental health services and improved quality of comprehensive and covers the activities of the Promotion, Prevention, Treatment and Recovery



To provide the optimum medical treatment to all psychiatric patients:

1. Provide psychiatric medical care to all patients who need internal treatment.
2. Provide psychiatric medical treatment to those who referred to the Psychiatric    Clinic.
3. Providing treatment in community psychiatric community to prevent a recurrence of severe disease.
4. Conduct community mental health program.


Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

   1. All patients will be examined by medical officers in the following:

* 90% within 1 hour
    * 10% within 2 hours
    * Immediately to the case of an emergency

2. All patients examined by a psychiatric specialist at least once while in the ward.

3. Convey clear, accurate information to patients / beneficiaries and maintain their confidentiality.

4. Maintain cleanliness of patients disabled who can’t take care of themselves.

5. Providing a clean and safe environment.

6. Handling customer complaints within 24 hours.



* Specialist / Outpatient Treatment : Clinical Psychiatrists operate three times a week from Tuesday to Thursday. Patients referred / are present on the day of the clinic and will be given effective and comprehensive treatment.

 * In-patient Treatment

Patients with mental disorders, whether acute or chronic, disease relapse has admitted. Patients will examine 2 times a day by a physician / medical officer. Use of anti Psychotic second generation of patients has proven effective in addition to other therapy. Electro-Convulsive therapy (ECT) will be given on patients who need it. ADL activities (daily living activity) and the therapeutic work conducted by members of the ward and Occupational therapist.

 * Treatment in the Community (CPU)

Treatment in the community has been made on chronic patients, those who missed the follow up treatment, and less family support. A visit to the house were conducted by Community Psychiatry Unit (CPU), where members of the team will provide home care, professional support and empower families and communities in the methods of patient care in the home and community.

* Occupational Therapy Service

1. ADL (activitiy of daily living)
                - To teach patients to perform activities such as bathing, feeding, self cleaning, domestic (cooking)

               - Group therapy involves exposure to the disease and treatment of psychiatric illness.

               - Indoor games, outdoor games

             - Provides job placement for stable psychiatric patients

* Counseling Service Unit

   - Provide counselling and psychotherapy services
   - Enhancing public awareness of the importance of mental health in everyday life.

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