Ophthalmology Department, was led by an ophthalmology specialist. This department act as a referral center for problematic of eye vision in the district of Muar, Tangkak, Segamat and Batu Pahat.

Apart from providing outpatient treatment and carrying out clinical procedures and minor surgery at the clinic, t
he department is also carrying out a major operation. Patients who need surgery are placed in wards such as ward 5 for male patients and ward 12 for female patients.

Ophthalmology specialist are also schedule to visit Segamat Hospital, on Wednesday last week of each month.



    * Adopt a work ethics that emphasizes effective communication, friendly professional service and teamwork.
    * Protect the welfare of its staff and creating an environment that is safe and comfortable.
    * Provide training opportunities and skills for a career in the Department Oftamologi as continuous learning organization


To create Ophthalmology specialist services, and optimal care with emphasis on professionalism, teamwork, caring and friendly service for customer satisfaction.



    * To enhance ophthalmology services effectively and efficiently, in order to reduce cases of visual impairment can be reduced.
    * To improve the condition of patients who has lack vision or other eye problems.

Client Charter

Client Charter
We promise:

    * 80% of patients will be attend by a medical officer within 90 minutes.
* 20% of patients will be attend by a medical officer in 120 minutes.
    * To provide waiting area that is always clean, safe and comfortable.



    * Clinic / Ward
    * Reading corner / education to patients and staff.
* Operation Theatre
                         1. Day Surgery (Day Care)
                         2. Major surgery.
    * Community Eye: Conducting Community Eye Service at least 3 times a year.
    * Advisory services relating to ophthalmology.
    * Minor Surgery.
    * Elective Surgery.
    * Outpatient Treatment.
    * Treatment of Patients.
* Treatment optometrist.
    * Major Surgery.
    * Argon Laser treatment services.
    * Ultrasound Services BScan.
    * Emergency Medical and Surgical.