Imaging & Diagnostic



The Department provides radiology services to HPSF and act as the referral center for cases from Tangkak, Segamat and Batu Pahat.

The Department is lead by a Consultant Radiologist and is assisted by two radiologists specialist, four medical officers, 24 radiologist, 3 nurses, 1 clerk, 5 medical attendant, process helper.

If you have any comments / suggestions to the service provided, please contact:

Head of Department / Unit Head :  +606-9521901 Ext 275/289



1. To provide quick and accurate diagnosis

2. To treat patients through the intervention procedures



To provide an efficient, excellent and friendly services.



To provide efficient and effective diagnostic imaging services

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise :
1. A normal X-Ray inspection within 50 minutes.

                  90% < 45 minutes
                  10% < 50 minutes

2. To conduct special CT scan, ultrasound and mammography within 75 minutes from the time stated on the date of appointments and from ward patients from to be sent to the department not later than 15 minutes from the time set.

3. Simple inspection(mobile) in the ward at 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm during office hours.

4. Set the appointment date for special inspections in this department in 2 working days from the time of the applications received.

5. Produce report on the examination normal X-ray, CT, ultrasound, and special examination (except MRI and Mammography), in

          a. 2 working days (for in- patients) from the completion of inspection or from the date of receipt the completed applications.

      b. 5 working days (for outpatient) from the completion of such examination or from the receipt of applications.

6. To provide good and friendly service to client.

 7. Handling clients complaints within 24 hours.



1. Carry out general inspection

    Location: Room 1 & 2


2. Carry out ultrasound examinations

    Location: Room 3


3. Conduct inspections Digital Flouroskopi

    Location: Room 5


4. Conduct inspections IVU & Tomography

     Location: Room 6

5. Conduct an examination CT Scan & 16 MSCT

    Location: Room 7
6. Conduct Digital Fluoroscopy inspections

    Location: Room 8


7. Mobile Radiography

For in-patients in the ward, maternity & operation theatre that can’t be transferred to the Department.