Department of Physiotherapy provides rehabilitation treatment for patients with physical and breathing problem. The aims is to enable patients to achieve optimal health. This department has 9 members and is led by Hj Ishak bin Attan (U36), two members of the grade U32 and 6 members of U29. In addition, the department is also reinforced by two health care assistants U3.

The department also receives referrals from the Northern Zone of Johor ie Hospital Segamat Tangkak, Batu Pahat and Muar district health clinics. Apart from that, the department also received many referrals from private hospitals such as the Hospital Pantai, Hospital Putra and Hospital Mahkota.



* To provide quality services that emphasize on the effectiveness of treatment.

* Ensure that all care is current and abreast of developments in the medical field.

* Adopting a teamwork, friendly, good communication skills, efficient and professional.



To create quality physiotherapy services in line with the latest medical developments, caring and teamwork in a professional manner for customer satisfaction.



   1. Provide physiotherapy services are optimized, high quality and in line with the latest developments in medical technology to enable patients to live their lives more productive and aktfi and to contribute to the advancement of self, family, community, nation and religion.

   2. Prepare and manage the efficient and effective governance as a physiotherapy unit and always maintain the standard of work achieved.

Client Charter

Client Charter

We promise:

1. To provide a safe, comfortable and effective within 60 minutes.

2. Handling customer complaints within 24 hours.




Services provided are

1. Chest physiotherapy

a. Breathing exercise.

b. Postural Drainage.

c. Chest percusson /vibration.

d. Suctioning


2. Exercise for physical strength and rehabilitation for stroke/orthopaedics

3. Electrotherapy

a. Heat Treatment - hotpack / short wave / infrared ray

b. Cold Treatment - ice pack / cryotherapy.

c. Interferential therapy.


e. Ultra sound.

f. Traction (Lumbar & cervical).

g. Stimulation (IDC) -


Physiotherapy treatment in the ward - * For patients who can't move.