Public Health



Public Health Unit was established in 2004. The unit is lead by an Assistant Public Health Officer and assisted by 2 U32 staff and 2 Assistant Public Health (U17).

The activities carried out are Aedes control activities, monitoring cleanliness, hygiene monitoring of food premises, sampling food and drink (informal bacteriological analysis), the investigation of complaints and enforcement of Tobacco Products Control Act 2004.



Aedes control activities


To control / eliminate the breeding of aedes mosquitoes, which is an agent of dengue disease, dengue haemorrhagic fever and the recent chikungunya disease.

Hygiene Monitoring Activity Area


To ensure the cleanliness of the work carried out satisfactorily by the concessionaire. These activities are carried out simultaneously with the Aedes control activities in all areas of the hospital. Complaints will be made to those responsible for work if found to be unsatisfactory or performed in the event of damage / problem in the area hospital.

Activities Quality Control and Food Safety


To ensure that all food premises that operate primarily in the areas of the hospital is always kept clean and the food served is safe for consumers.

Food Premises Inspection

There are four food premises in the area is constantly monitored hospital cleanliness. There are Dietetic and Food Services department, Food services for College of Nursing, Hospital Cafeteria and Hospimart Harmony. Hygiene inspections carried out under the Self-Program where daily and weekly inspections carried out by the owner of the premises while the monthly inspections conducted by the Commitee of Hospital Food Monitoring.

Public Health Unit will also conduct inspections of food premises according to schedule. The assessment found that all the premises in a clean and satisfactory condition.

Food Sampling

Sampling of food and drink for microbiological analysis carried out on a monthly basis. For the year 2009 a total of 50 food samples were taken and sent to Johor Bahru Public Health Laboratory for analysis and found to comply with all requirements of the Act and Food Regulations 1983 (See Appendix C).

Water Quality Monitoring.

Monitoring water quality in the hospital is run by the Pantai Medivest Sdn.Bhd, District Health Office, Muarand the Public Health Unit of HPSF . Pantai Medivest Sdn. Bhd. conduct sampling at the primary tank and secondary tank 2 times a year, according to the concession agreement.

Under the Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program of the National, Health District Office Muar also take samples of water from the station at the Hospital every month. While the Public Health Unit will take water samples from the food premises during the food sampling activities and sent to the Public Health Laboratory.

As a conclusion, the overall quality of water supply for the hospital was at a satisfactory level.

Activity Control Enforcement of Tobacco Control Act 2004

In collaboration with District Health Office, Muar, activities undertaken over time including at night and public holidays. For the year of 2009, a total of 73 notices and warning for smoking in the hospital area have been summoned and they were subjected to a compound of RM250.00.